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We serve as a conduit between the vast knowledge developed in universities, research centers, and research-intensive enterprises, and industrial companies seeking to leverage new technologies to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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The bridge between trailblazing research to the wider market across the world

Through partnerships with exceptional scientists and industry leaders, we facilitate technology commercialization, corporate engagement, and economic development. Our team is dedicated to developing effective strategies, identifying ideal partners, and creating opportunities for the brightest academic minds to excel in the marketplace.

Our role is to oversee the development, protection, and utilization of intellectual property rights, while serving as a liaison for cooperative ventures with businesses and industries to promote technology transfer and the commercialization of intellectual property.

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Licensing presents a valuable opportunity for technology owners to monetize their inventions and capitalize on their intellectual property, while also affording licensees access to new technologies and the ability to create innovative products and services. This strategy is frequently employed in industries such as biotechnology, merchandise and software development.



Technology transfer acts as a critical bridge between research and industry, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and technologies developed in academic or research institutions to private sector organizations for commercialization and societal benefit. This process encompasses a range of activities, including commercializing research, facilitating collaborations, protecting intellectual property, and generating revenue.



Collaboration plays a vital role in the technology transfer process, enabling multiple parties to work together to advance scientific and technological knowledge, and bring new innovations to market. There are various forms of collaboration in technology transfer, such as partnerships between academic and industry researchers, public-private partnerships, and joint ventures.